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Browse more efficiently: Preview links and images without leaving your current tab. Mouseover any link and click the 'ez' icon (or press ALT and mouseover link) to show the linked page in a separate preview overlay or split screen. This is somewhat similar to the FireFox CoolPreviews plugin.


ezLinkPreview finds all http links on a page.
- Hovering over a link, fades in a small 'ez' icon at the upper right corner.

- Click or hover over the 'ez' icon to open a preview of the link within the current tab as an overlay or in split screen.

- Interact with the new page and even launch another overlay from within the current overlay.
- Open the overlay contents in a new tab by clicking a button in the titlebar .
- Pin/unpin the overlay by clicking a button in the titlebar .
- Close the overlay by clicking titlebar button , pressing Escape key, or clicking outside the overlay.
- Unpinned, moving mouse outside overlay closes it.
- Pinned, moving mouse over other links in the page loads them into the overlay.
- Browser bar icon to split the screen. You can leave popup as the default preview, but on any site click the button to split the screen into 2 resizeable vertical panels.

- In split screen, moving mouse over links in the left panel loads them into the right panel.
- Resize by dragging any corner or side.
- Move by dragging the titlebar.
- Pinned overlay stays on screen when scrolling the page.
- Pinned state is saved and remembered accross pages and sessions.
- Image Preview allows Zoom in, out, normal from titlebar .
- Toggle search bar from titlebar button .
- Select text in main page to search in overlay.
- Large images shrink to fit in preview window.
- Extension is disabled in Gmail and Google calendar.
- Back and Forward buttons in titlebar .
- URLs in the preview frame are added to Google Web History if you are logged in to that service.
- Minimize/Restore the preview to quickly read text under the preview window .
- While preview is minimized, you can click/select/copy in original page without the preview closing.
- Press Ctrl+Alt+1 (number one) on a page to toggle whether ez icon displays or preview opens on hover.
- Add to Google Reader via keyboard (ctrl+alt+\) or optional semi opaque button.
- Add to GoogleBookmarks (not Chrome Bookmarks) via keyboard (ctrl+alt+[) or optional semi opaque button.
- Press ctrl+alt+' to load main form or preview into ViewText.org for easier reading.
- Press ctrl+alt+s to launch the preview in search mode. Last used search engine is now remembered.
- Links of type .PDF, .PPT, .TIFF, .XLS ,.XLSX, .PPTX, .PAGES, .AI, .PSD, .DXF, .SVG, .EPS, .PS, .TTF, .XPS are sent to google docs viewer for quick preview. View photoshop and illustrator files directly in the preview popup.
- Type ezs into omnibar (url address bar) followed by a space and then your search terms to automatically search within the preview panel (split screen or popup).
- Press ctrl+alt+i to toggle whether the ez icon displays when hovering over a link. On pages with small links close together, hiding the icon prevents accidental launches of the preview. - Specify a custom search engine to use alongside the default provided search engines. - Enter a list of Urls that should automatically be loaded in split view.

TIP: Pin the overlay and mouseover other links while the preview is open.
NOTE: some sites do not allow themselves to be run in frames/overlays and this will cause an actual navigation to the URL.

Extension Options:

Select whether links will be previewed in a popup overlay, or in a split-screen view.

When hovering the mouse cursor over a link, you can select whether to display the 'ez' icon or to automatically load the link into the preview.

You can select to have the 'ez' icon not display, in which case holding the Alt key and hovering over a link will open the preview. Press ctrl+alt+i to toggle visibility of the 'ez' icon in the current page.

Choose where to display the 'ez' icon: to the upper right of the link or close to the cursor.

Choose whether the preview loads only when clicking the 'ez' icon or also when hovering over it.

Choose for how many milliseconds you need to hover over a link before the 'ez' icon is displayed.

Choose how large the 'ez' icon should be (up to 48px).

Choose where on the screen the popup overlay should be initially displayed.

Choose whether to close the current preview popup when you click to load the URL into a new tab.

For split screen you can set the default size of the 2 panels by specifying what percentage is assigned to the left panel.

Specify whether to show the 'ez' icon when selecting text in the page. If the icon is displayed, clicking it searches for the selected text in the preview using the last used search engine.

Enable/disable the ctrl+alt+s keyboard shortcut for launching the preview in search mode.

Choose whether PDF links should be sent to Google Docs Viewer or be treated as normal links.

Choose whether to display the Note in Reader button in each page.

Choose whether to display the Google Bookmarks button in each page.

If the current URL includes any of the text items in the exclusion list, ezLinkPreview will be disabled for that page. Use this list for any sites that lose functionality when ezLinkPreview is active.

URLs that contain items in this list will open a new tab instead of the preview window. Use this for sites that disable openning in IFRAMES (e.g. nytimes.com, twitter, etc.).

Specify a custom search Url. Type {0} where the search terms should be placed in the Url

Specify list of Urls that should loaded automatically in split view

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